Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can these plaques be bought in large quantities at discounted prices?

Our plaque prices are developed based on a quantity purchase, therefore we are already giving you our best price.  Your real savings on shipping costs will happen when you purchase by the pallet or by several cases at a time.  150# minimum weight

2. How soon can I expect my plaque once my order has been placed?

All orders are processed and shipped from our plant in Escondido, California within three business days. Depending on your location regular UPS Ground shipping time is from one to five business days. If you wish, we can email you when your order ships.

3. How can I get my order sooner?

You may select various modes of shipping such as UPS next day, 2day, 3day or USPS Express or Priority.

4. Is my shipment insured?

UPS covers each box in a shipment up to a value of $100 included in their shipping fee. If you wish to have your product shipped via USPS, insurance can be purchased for an additional fee.

5. Are the personalized plates engraved?

No. We use a process known as sublimation to imprint your information onto the plate. Ink is applied to the plate using a heat transfer process. The sublimated image lasts for years when kept indoors and out of direct sunlight.

6. Do I have to use the words you show on your plate templates under the personalized page on the top navigation bar?

No. Metal plates and cards are available in standard or one, two, three or four entry choices. The plates are priced based upon the number of entries desired. We can even produce a custom plate specifically for your needs for an additional plate layout fee. Additionally, we offer stock metal or plastic data plates for a lesser price.

7. In what finishes may I order a plaque?

All plaques are available in either Carbon Fiber Finish or San Marcos Walnut finish.  These plaque finishes are our most requested.

8. How does Jordak keep its quality & service as it’s number one goal?

Jordak is a custom photo plaque manufacturer located in Escondido, CA. USA  Our goal is to provide the very best quality plaques at the lowest possible prices.  Our quality and low prices are made possible by manufacturing the complete plaque and its components in one location.   Our service and dedication to our customers is number one.